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Employment Area

Proceedings Before Public Entities

• Preparation, processing and submission to public entities.

• Company registration to social security and filing of official books.

• Analysis of subsidies on social security contributions.

• Registration, affiliation and termination of employees through the RED system of the General Treasury of the Social Security, and contrat@ system from the National Employment Service.

• Drafting of contracts and renewals.

• Processing of work-related accidents via Delt@ system.

• Processing medical discharge and sick leave certificates, as well as confirmation of sick leave certificates for both common and occupational contingencies through the National Institute of Social Security.

• Certificates of being up-to-date with payments or indebtedness through the RED system.

• Immigration.

Payroll and Social Security

• Drafting of monthly salary sheets, applying the current collective agreement and the parameters defined by the client.

• Severance pay and compensation.

• Calculation of wage arrears, preparation of payroll, arrears and settlement of social security amounts due.

• Preparation of quarterly personal income tax, and personal income tax annual report.

• Certificate of income tax.

• Management of subsidized courses for continuing training of workers.

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